Road Products

Carmanah's road product range includes flashing beacons and illuminated street name signs. The beacon products are ideal for road construction either as a temporary measure during construction as well as permanent installations for use as traffic control. The illuminated street sign is based on LED edge lit technology redefining the standard for internally illuminated street signs.

The products are easy to install and offer significant cost saving during the installation as the beacon products require no external power, trenching or cabling which means minimal disruption to traffic flow.

The fully self contained beacon type lighting systems and are engineered for up to five years of maintenance-free operation and is backed by a 3 year pro rata warranty on the entire system including batteries.

Product List:

  • R820 Solar LED Pedestrian Beacon (PDF, 374kb)
  • R829C Solar LED School Zone Beacon (PDF, 348kb)
  • R247 Solar LED Flashing Beacons (PDF, 196kb)
  • R409 Internally Illuminated Street-name Sign (PDF, 5.57mb)

Transit Products

Carmanah\'s transit products are completely self-contained, LED-illuminated and solar-powered. The i-Shelters™ can be installed in the most remote locations where there is sunlight. They are designed to operate reliably even under the harshest of environmental conditions and come with a 5 year warranty.

When combined with the iSTOP™ and Ad Panel will deliver a complete solution for comfort and enhanced security for passengers. These products are suitable for city, urban and rural application and come with a 3 year pro-rata warranty.

Product List: